Monday, June 17, 2013

June 2013: Plans, Plans, Plans

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June has been an alright month for me.  I've gotten accepted into DePaul University, where I'll continue my studies in journalism, I made a conscience decision to cut out some people who aren't supporting me in my endeavors, and I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  I've been to the doctor and I have medication that will help me heal. 

I was able to go to a festival and the aquarium this month, which was really fun. I want to lighten up some of the photos before I post them online. I decided to list all of the skills I've acquired from every job and extracurricular activity and try to combine them all into a viable business for myself.  I'm doing some research on minority women-owned small businesses to get an idea of what niche I can fill in Chicago.

I also decided to look into timeshares. I would love to take a vacation with my friends (granted they actually follow through) to a place none of us has gone, sans computers.  I am looking into how timeshares work and which ones are worth investing in.  I also want to purchase a piece of foreclosed property.  I don't need to wait until I get married to do that, when I'm perfectly capable of doing so on my own. 

Would it be too much to get my business going, have the timeshare, a piece of property, and a kick-ass job all in one year? If Oprah can do something like that, I can, too.

I've done enough talking about my plans. I'm going to resume my research and putting these plans into motion. What's there to gain?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

...And So It Begins

I've graduated! What's the Next Step?

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Since graduating, I have given myself a challenge to complete during my job search: go to the interviews, thank the hiring managers for their time, and send them thank you cards.  I may have obtained an Associate of the Arts degree in Journalism from the community college system, it's not going to deter me from looking for work in this economy. I would like to try my hand at freelance writing.  I hear it's a way to build a portfolio for work in the communications field. Some of the writng assignments are paid, while other assignments are not paid.  Before I even sign up for freelance work, I'll do my research on each site.  The last thing I want to do is sign up for something without reading the very fine print with a magnifying glass.

While I Await Work...

I am working on adding more things to this blog, as I don't want it to look junky and not presentable to potential employers. A list of every social network I am on is not yet culled to showcase how I utilize each one for job search, play, and catching up with friends and family.  Once the stars align themselves properly, I can finally move on to a domain name and add a photo gallery. 

Lastly, I am still writing original short stories and poetry.  I haven't posted anything in a while, but I will have some new material posted on a later date.  The reasons why I write are many and would be the topic of another entry on here. 

For some of my poems, head over to Saturday's Poetic Expression
For a taste of my original short stories, go on over to Stories Space and look up ladysharon.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Graduated With Honors and My Associate's Degree! Now What?

The author, wearing her graduation regalia.

May 3 was a very special day for me. City Colleges  played a role in my academic career, whether it's admitted by the students or not.  They allowed me to work there as a work study student, I had the opportunity to gain some experience with the student-run newspaper, and I got an opportunity to participate in other school activities when time was available to me. My friend even got me involved with the honors society at my school.  I graduated with honors as an officer of the Nu Lambda Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (thanks, Gayle!), and I participated on the school's newspaper to gain experience in writing for a printed news publication.

My summer is shaping up to look like this: working at the day care center, freelance photography, updating my resume, joining the alumni association, attending more street festivals, mastering social media, learning about freelance writing, hopefully another job as a photo apprentice, and apartment-hunting.

The big question remains: which school am I going to transfer to and earn my Bachelor's degree in Journalism?  This blogger is ready to take on the world and use the power of words to change someone's life, one human being at a time.

Friday, April 12, 2013

April Happenings and Vacations

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In three weeks, I will be walking across the stage at graduation from City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman College as a member of the Nu Lambda chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. I have my cap and gown, dress to wear at graduation, and Phi Theta Kappa-based graduation regalia while I was in San Jose, California.

View from the hotel window in San Jose, CA. Photo by Sharon Pearson
Speaking of San Jose, I learned firsthand how to itemize food purchases and boarding passes, keeping it to a minimum of x amount of dollars a day.  Lucky for me, I always keep receipts for everything from the number of times I hit up an ATM, bill payments, and items for my makeshift home office (really, a corner of my bedroom where my printer, laptop, and ink cartridges are stored). I struck up a conversation with a young lady who runs her own business and I agreed to do some freelance photography work for her.  It'll help with my portfolio as a writer/photographer, and it'll give me a little more leverage for gaining employment, or start my own business. 

Employment-wise, my time working as a child development lab assistant is winding down fast, and I'm on the prowl for a job once I graduate.  I'm looking into the hospitality industry and trying to find something in the world of communications.  I signed up to become a contributor to Yahoo! Voices, and working my way through some of the stuff I have to read so I can fully gain the knowledge in understanding what is wanted of me and their needs.

I am still diving into creative writing, and looking to improve my journalism skills and photography work.  I have a freelance photo shoot I'll do relatively soon, and I get to ponder which school I'm ultimately going to go to and get my Bachelor's degree in another two and a half years. 

It's time for me to get off this thing and go do something productive, like read or exercise a bit. I'm going to go think about my next getaway vacation. Minneapolis, maybe?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time for Spring

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I have some great news: I am graduating from the community college system in May with honors and I'm finishing up all of my applications and other things I need to send off before April 1.  I'm also looking into a gig in freelance writing. I want to be sure it's a legit offer before I jump into something I know nothing about.  The last thing I want to do is pay out some money just to get something that's not to my liking. The freelance writing thing can lead to something new.

In addition to gaining a potentially new line of employment, a not-so-encouraging development occurred in my life: three of my ex-boyfriends have decided to contact me via Facebook and email.  I don't know what's in the water of the spring thaw, I'm wondering why now? I can sit here and speculate on their reasoning on why they're wanting to get back with me, or I can ask them directly.  One has a record that scares me, another likes to disappear and come back when he's bored, and the other one seems to be kicking himself for letting me go.  Oh well.

That's it for now.  I have to get back to studying.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Plans for February 2013

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I began February with a few goals in mind.   I'm almost done with my applications, all I have to do is mail them off. I still have to apply for graduation by March 1 were I to graduate in May this year.

I also started writing poetry again, and they have been published on a blog ran by my friend and fellow writer. The same poem has been accepted onto Stories Space, a place where my non erotica poetry and short stories are posted.

I also started a couple of love stories that I had simmering in the back of my brain. The first one, is based on a affair across an ocean. It's inspired by a guy I have gotten to know very well via Skype. The second story is based on a true account I went through a few years, costing me someone that I was really close with in high school.  The stories will turned into eBooks under my nom de plume. I have to find the cover art for the stories and titles for each.

I want to have everything done by March 1. It's time to go to work!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My January, Thus Far

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22 days into 2013 and so far, things are going well, and I have a lot to do before I leave the world of community college with my Associate of the Arts degree in May, pending the acceptance of my graduation application.  I have lost a great friend , I dumped a guy I met online (more on him and the other guys in a later post), and really started to consider what I want in my life: a thriving career in journalism/photojournalism. 

Is it possible to become a journalist that takes National Geographic-worthy pictures, know her way around all social media outlets, and can put together a mini documentary using Final Cut Pro?  I do know one thing: I want to sharpen my skills in Photoshop, Flash, and HTML. I have to arrange for those refresher courses on a later date.

I have to go to bed and get up early in the morning to go to my part-time job that I enjoy very much, and it doesn't pay the bills completely.  I am looking for another job that will help my pay the bills on time, and I'm looking for an apartment with a move-in date set for August (pending available funds).

That's it for now. I'm striving for straight A's this semester and working hard with my extracurricular activities.  Good night!